What’s Your Vision?


“A vision without action is called a daydream; but then again, action without a vision is called a nightmare.” ~Jim Sorenson~

A vision is a guiding force to help you fulfill your purpose.


Without a vision, we stumble around, aimless, purposeless. But a written vision is like a road map with clear directions. Recent science indicates that vision statements cause a brain response that motivates us to take actions toward our vision. If you haven’t already created one for your life, I highly recommend it!

A personal vision statement is highly beneficial for your future. When creating it, you project yourself into the future and visualize yourself living your dream life. I suggest sitting down and starting with a list of everything you want to be, do, and have in your life. Here are some questions to ponder as you write:

  • Who do you want to be?
  • How do you want to be known?
  • What are your values?
  • What sparks joy for you?
  • What legacy would you like to leave behind?
  • What are your strengths? Talents? Interests?
  • What inspires you?

Once you’ve completed your list, boil it down to its essence and write it out in present tense as if it is already happening. Be sure and include something that thrills you. Here’s an example:

“I, Alice Crider, am a wife and mom, an editor and writer, a coach, and a friend. I am grateful to be pursuing my writing and publishing goals. I’m excited because I am shopping for land for my dream ranch! My purpose in life is to empower others to fulfill on their purpose and dreams, and I feel ecstatic when I see them doing so. I am happiest when I’m living my purpose, and the world is beautiful when I’m pursuing my passions. ”

There really are no rules for how to write a vision statement, and nothing is set in stone once you write one. You can change it any time, write a new one every year, or start over if you’re no longer inspired by it. The important thing is to write something to run with.

“I dream my painting, then I paint my dream.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

What’s your vision?

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