I am a certified life coach and an author coach with more than ten years of experience in helping individuals and groups achieve their dreams and goals. I am also a non-fiction editor with 20 years of experience in book publishing, including eight years in a division of Random House. I love coaching people beyond their personal barriers to success as well as helping writers become successful published authors. When I’m not editing, writing, or coaching, I can be found somewhere in Colorado on my horse or mountain bike.

Growing up in Illinois, I became an avid reader as soon as I could read complete sentences. I soon learned the thrill of putting words together on a page and receiving praise from my teachers. I used to tell my mother I wanted to be a writer and live in Colorado when I grew up. I’ve been in Colorado most of my adult life. Before I got into book publishing, I co-owned several restaurants and homeschooled my four kids. I still love to cook, and now I use my teaching experience to coach and teach writers at writer’s conferences.

People often ask if I do much writing myself. Though I haven’t published a book of my own (yet!), I have published a few magazine articles, and I enjoy contributing ideas to some of the books I edit. I can be just as happy with a well-written paragraph as I can with a fully edited manuscript. I also love writing marketing copy. There’s something about concise, powerful writing that makes me happy!

I became interested in life coaching when I met an author who was also a coach. She was so warm and welcoming that I decided I wanted to be like her. I did a nine month training program in 2008, then became a certified coach in 2015.

If I haven’t met you in person yet, I hope our paths cross some day. I’d love to hear your story!