Some people can guide your writing, others your inner journey. Alice can do both! I have worked with Alice on books and I’ve benefitted from her life coaching. After every appointment with Alice I walk away knowing myself better and understanding what positive choices I need to make to benefit my life and writing. Tricia Goyer
best-selling author of more than 50 books
In four months of having Alice as my coach I have had major breakthroughs in business, relationships, happiness, and other areas of life. She has truly been the difference in me taking control of my life. She is reliable, wise, and resourceful and has gone from being a coach to a mentor and friend for which I will be forever grateful.Craig B
entrepreneur, Denver, Colorado
As a mental health therapist, I know how important it is to have accountability, seek direction, and allow others to assist in pointing out blind spots. Alice does so in the most encouraging, supportive, and honest way possible. I was blessed to have Alice as my life coach. I noticed lasting changes in my mindset, motivation, discipline, and passions in general. I was able to reprioritize my life, set and attain goals, and see myself go from surviving life to thriving with a purpose. Alice is a woman of great integrity, wisdom, and humor. I highly recommend her if you’re looking to make changes in your life. She is the best life coach out there!Tammy M. Ferguson
MA LMHC, Seattle, Washington
Sometimes our dreams are too small. Alice helped me to align my goals with God’s great plans for my life. Prayerfully she guided me to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. From hoping to build a women’s conference, to a sold-out venue! She’s more than a success coach, she’s my advocate.Dawna Hetzler
author, speaker, and founder of Overwhelmed conference, Parker, Colorado
I found Alice Crider to be a compassionate, supportive, and inspiring life coach. She helped me looked at some issues I’d struggled with for years from a different angle and helped me move on and put those struggles behind me. Vickie McDonough
best-selling author of 40+ books, Tulsa, Oklahoma
After coaching with Alice for several months, I have been able to create more of what I want in my life because of her insight. Consistently, Alice has coached me through stuck-points and offered acute observations I hadn’t thought of (that seem so simple to her!) and that change my understanding of a situation such that I have power to act. She is deeply intuitive and present in a way that seems magical, even though I know it isn’t magic–it’s real listening, life experience, and the ability to deeply empathize with clients! I have so much gratitude for Alice.Rachel Balkcom
teacher and program director, Denver, Colorado
Alice’s coaching empowered me to realize my possibility of full self-expression, peace, and joy. She would hold the mirror steady so I could discover and see things for myself. I’ll always respect how I learned the most when I didn’t think I wanted to be coached and she would still get me out of my head and back on track. Alice sets the standards for true integrity, influence, and inspiration, not just for me, but for everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her.Shawn Renee
mindfulness & meditation instructor and human factors specialist for a major airline
I took a group coaching class (via conference call) for 8 weeks a couple of years ago, taught by Alice Crider. I was very impressed with her presentation, her knowledge, the questions she asked, and her ability to really listen and encourage all the participants to talk. She shared valuable information that helped each person dig deeper and evaluate where they were in their own life, as well as reevaluating what they hoped to attain in the future.Miralee Ferrell
best-selling author